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  • Nov 21 Agape Acres Meeting
    The members of the Agape Acres Board will be meeting at the meeting room in the barn.
  • Nov 22 Bell Choir Practice
    The bell choir will be gathering to practice in the Sanctuary. All are welcome and no prior experience playing bells is necessary.
  • Nov 23 Agape Acres Bible Study
    The Agape Acres Bible Study meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. They meet in the main room of the apartment complex at Agape Acres...

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  • You, Too, Can Be Set Free! You, Too, Can Be Set Free! Samuel Weir, born a Virginia slave in 1812, was the first African-American minister and ordained Elder in the German Baptist (Dunkard) Brethren (later Church of the Brethren) church. He was sold at age twelve (1824) for two hundred eighty dollars to... View more