Who's In and Who's Out???

By Travis Kettering

October 19, 2014

One of the themes of the book of Ruth is who's in and who's out.  This idea is still very prevalent in our world today. Look around. Who's in and who's out in your world?  These people dictate many of the things that go on in our world today.  This was the same in Ruth's time. The Jews were looking for people with pure Jewish lines.  They wanted to get rid of all the foreign people in their country, but Ruth was a foreigner.  The book of Ruth is the story about how she is able to get into the family of God through the love, faithfulness, and steadfastness to her family.  So in the end, it is not about who your father, mother, grandfather was, but about following Jesus with love, patience, justice, and faithfulness.  How different would the world be if we let our relationship with Jesus define who we are rather than who's in and who's out?

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