How We Serve

 Inspiration Hills Camp Program

Inspiration Hills is the outdoor education branch of the Northern Ohio District Church of the Brethren and is located in Burbank, Ohio. The Church encourages the youth to attend the various camp programs and offers generous scholarship programs to ensure that any youth interested is able to attend. There are also many opportunities for the members of the congregation to volunteer at the camp each year.


Ashland County Associated Charities

Maple Grove is an active supporter of the Ashland County Associated Charities. We support their ministries through monthly collections and several special events throughout the year. These include collections via a hat-and-mitten tree and a peanut butter tree in December. We also have a similar event in the summer with our Christmas in July program in which birthday presents and food are brought in to help support Associated Charities’ ministries.



Bible in the School

This is a program that provides for Bible lessons throughout the year at the Mapleton Local School District. There are two teachers who teach children during their free time at school. These classes are available for students in the first through seventh grades. This program is a great ministry and Maple Grove is happy to support it!


Church World Service

Maple Grove supports the ministries of Church World Service. We are involved in the One Great Hour of Sharing Program, Blanket Sunday, and Crop Walk, as well as regularly preparing health and school kits that are sent to Church World Service for distribution around the world.


Ashland Care Center

The Ashland Care Center is supported by our congregation through their annual baby-bottle campaign to raise money for the center, their annual life walk, and by the Women’s Fellowship providing blankets for the center to distribute to newborns.


Agape Acres

Agape Acres, a community for retired persons, was started by former Maple Grove Pastor Ivan Fausnight, his parents, and the generosity of a Beeghly family descendant who wanted to honor his ancestors, early members of Maple Grove.  The church has many members who live in the community and has a Bible study that meets twice monthly.  The church also supplies several members to the advisory board for Agape Acres.