Everything Comes at a Price

By Mallory Slocum

March 14, 2016

            Continuing with my Once Upon a Time quotes theme, here is another one that really strikes a chord and it is one of the most popular quotes of the series. Love is free, but all magic comes with a price. The character who delivers this powerful quote is Rumpelstiltskin. This Rumpelstiltskin somewhat differs from the one we know from the classic tale. He is also known as the Dark One. He has the same sinister character and likes to make deals. When he is making these deals he always tell his customer that all magic comes with a price. Everyone who goes to Rumple for something they know it will involve them making a deal. It is up to that person to decide if the deal is worth making.

            Ironically, in the show Rumpelstiltskin is also Mr. Gold, a pawnbroker in Storybrooke (the town that our beloved characters were sent to by the means of a dark curse), and is still accustomed to making deals. One thing you should know is that he does not make deals just to make deals. He has a specific purpose in mind and those deals will always benefit him. He is a selfish individual and magic is his weakness. He needs magic because it gives him power. When he was just a man he was considered to be a coward. It was not until he became the Dark One that he possessed strength. He has had people in his life who love him, but his insistent need for power became a crutch.

            Being the Dark One and having all of this power is not all it’s cracked up to be. His power is tethered to a dagger and whoever has the dagger in their possession can control him. Even his power comes with a price.

            In the 21st century, we’ve come to understand that nothing is free. Everything has a price. However, to be a Christian breaks that rule. We have the blessing of eternal life. This has been restored to us. We did not have to pay the price for it. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish, but that the world might be saved through him.” (John 3:16, NAB) Christ paid the price for us.

            In the ancient Jewish tradition, it was customary for them to offer animal sacrifices as atonement for their sins. Christ was the last and ultimate sacrifice for our sins. As human beings, we will always be prone to sin. However, because of Christ we have not lost the gift of eternal life.

            I thank God for this amazing gift every day. His love, mercy, and compassion helps me to strive to be the best person I can possibly be. If you do not do so already, remember to thank God for this amazing gift. For without it, we would perish.

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