For Such A Time As This

By John Ballinger

November 16, 2015

Life poses to us some tough questions Why are we here or the more personal Why am I here? It sometimes is very clear to us and other times takes a lifetime to discover but God has placed each of us here at this place in this time for a reason. The story of Esther in the Bible is a great example of this. Esther was a Jew but she was also a queen. A time came when one of the king’s men wanted to eliminate the Jews.


As queen, only Esther could stop him. The problem was she had to ask the king which if done in the wrong way at the wrong time could cost her her life. As she pondered what to do her uncle who had raised her suggested that maybe this was the reason she was born and was put into this position. The advice he gave Esther is still good advice for us today. He told her that maybe she was created for such a time as this.


Life is a journey and along the way we all have places where we travel. Some we call home while others we find ourselves just passing through but wherever you are there is a reason. God places people in our lives for a purpose. Like Esther we still have the choice in the decisions we make.


Twenty six years ago God opened up the opportunity for our family to move to Ashland and begin a job in sales. We didn’t know it at the time but God had bigger plans after five different jobs I was called to ministry. As we leave town now to begin a new adventure I am thankful for so many of you who have truly made our time here in Ashland someplace special to be.


Like Esther I feel we have been here for such a time as this. Not that I have had the answers to anything but I have enjoyed this journey with all of you as we have explored together where God has called us to work in His Kingdom at this time in history. We have laughed and cried. We have argued and forgiven. We have done our best to be who we feel called to be, all while the enemy has tried to tear things apart.


The apostle Paul wrote that our battle is not against flesh and blood but the forces of evil. We have lived it. Hopefully in my time here as pastor I have helped you to stand firm against the enemy even in those times when it seemed like you were too weak to go on. I will miss you but believe that this next leg of our journey has been ordained by God and the mission waiting for us in Pennsylvania will be filled with many new opportunities and challenges. Many of those we will be able to face because of the experience we have gained here, at Maple Grove at such a time like this.


I will continue to keep the people of Maple Grove and your missions in my prayers. Thank you and may you continue to seek where God is calling you to serve him for such a time as this and may you be ready and willing to go where he wants you to go.



Pastor Bill

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