Interesting Facts about the Re-Building Project

By Marilyn Kettering Badger

August 1, 2016


1.-that before the “old” building was razed, church people worked to
     remove cement blocks, sandstones, wiring, plumbing, heating ducts,
     windows, doors, etc. for recycling to reduce and reuse our imprint on   
     God’s planet, Earth?  This is called being good stewards.
2.-that the steps on the hill to the upper parking area are the same
     steps we sat on to visit and for Vacation Bible School pictures when  
     entering the old church to go into the old sanctuary - which then
     became the office and classroom area? Reuse, reduce, recycle!
3.-that the sandstones used for the sign in front of church are the same   
     sandstones that were in the “old” vestibule area and were removed   
     for reuse?
4.-that the baseboards in the new fellowship hall, classrooms, hallways    
     and office areas are from 200-year-old (?) white oak trees that needed  
     to be cut down before the new part was built?  The logs were taken to
     a sawmill to be cut into boards which were air-dried, then kiln dried,
     then planed and shaped to be baseboards.
5.-that the windows “up high” in the fellowship hall to the east and above
     the entrance doors were removed from the old building before it was  
     razed?  and that the “Pella” ones in the classrooms were from Nankin
     (Mapleton) school?  They were removed and reused.
6.-that the stainless steel sinks, work-table tops and pot racks came  
     from the Mapleton school building auctions at Polk and Ruggles-
     Troy?  We recycled them for use in the kitchen.  We also have
     office furniture from those auctions.
7.-that many plants, bulbs, rhizomes, and flowers were dug and moved to
     a “storage garden” until they could be moved to new homes around
     our buildings?  Some survived; some did not; some are in the 
     memorial garden area.
8.-that the desk in the pastor’s study is made by an Amish man from a     
     walnut tree that needed to be removed before building was built?
9.-that four stained glass panels hanging in the “gathering room” were
     purchased from among the donations made to the Peace Auction held 
     at Northern Ohio District meeting yearly to support that program. They  
     represent some of our beliefs:  1. peace dove (Holy Spirit), 2. Brethren
     Service cup (serving others), 3. basin and towel (footwashing-service),
  1. bread and cup (communion). These were made by Glenn    
     Lautzenhiser from Dover/Sugarcreek church area.  Some of the glass  
     came from a Mennonite church in area when it was demolished.
10.-that a drawing of the Maple Grove Church of the Brethren from
       before the re-building project was commissioned to be made by
       Linda McFarlin from Pine Manor Gallery, Ashland, Ohio to hang on  
       the wall as a reminder that much of what was in the old is still there
       after the rebuilding project.  Not only did we keep parts of the old
       building, but the people, who are the spirit of God’s church still dwell
 11.-that the Women’s Work (CBWF) purchased the kitchen cupboards,
        new refrigerators, freezer, stove and stove hood, ice cube maker, and
        shelving in the storage rooms as well as a used food warmer and new
        dishwasher.  New tables and chairs were purchased.  We had the     
        convection oven moved up to the new kitchen as well as the pots,  
        pans, dishes, and supplies needed from the old basement kitchen. 
12.-that many of the old tables, desks, chairs, and shelving are still being
       used at Maple Grove for various purposes, especially in classrooms
       and for love feast and communion. 
13.-that God’s people were faithful and within a short time the loan was
       paid off.  That was a celebration!  Burning of the papers for the loan!

Do you know……that we have good reason to sing: “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above ye heavenly host.  Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Amen.”

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