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Hungry House Café and A Flat Tire

By Marilyn Kettering Badger   |  September 26, 2016

After much work and preparation, Andrea, Dave and Marilyn were ready to make a trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma (OK), soon to be Andrea’s new home town. Mike was already there and already teaching at the University. She had stayed in West...

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Civic Duty ≠ Inconvenience

By Mallory Slocum   |  May 16, 2016

Recently, I had another experience with jury duty (I will save my first experience for another blog). It is that civic duty that all of us may or may not have experience...

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By   |  August 31, 2015

Recently, we were south of Columbus and saw a billboard advertising the outdoor drama"Tecumseh." We have been to see this awesome performance a few times and...

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