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The Young Jesus: No Ordinary Child

By Mallory Slocum   |  July 25, 2016

As I am preparing my lessons for my class this fall, I have been reading through the assigned texts for the course I will be teaching. As an adjunct professor for this introductory class I am required to teach certain areas of interest that have ...

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Owning Up to Our Mistakes

By Mallory Slocum   |  May 30, 2016

Unlike my first experience with jury duty, I felt less irritation towards my second one for two reasons. First, it was for the Ashland Municipal Court so my drive time...

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God is the Greatest Teacher

By Mallory Slocum   |  February 15, 2016

Imagine you are back in school (if you're not currently in school) and you are taking a very important test. You have a grasp on the studied material yet you still...

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By   |  June 29, 2015

A familiar subject came up in conversation the other day when some people were lamenting the number of days until their retirement. We seem to have become obsessed...

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