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Called to Serve

By Marilyn Kettering Badger   |  June 6, 2016

Called to Serve – Serving as God’s Hands and Feet – Doing His Work -Their pay is the reward of doing for others...

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Heifer Project International #1

By Marilyn Kettering Badger   |  April 18, 2016

In October 1946 Maple Grove Church of the Brethren gave a heifer to Heifer Project to go to China through the efforts of the Cross Bearer’s Adult Class. Two more heifers...

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Maple Grove History-Names and Age

By Marilyn Kettering Badger   |  November 30, 2015

The Bible is clear on what a brethren is and what a brethren is not. A brethren is a Christian that has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. A brethren is no more...

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By   |  November 9, 2015

A few months ago I read an article on the vagabond life. It explained how people are freeing their lives of excess “stuff” and enjoying a life of traveling...

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By   |  November 2, 2015

Like most couples on their day off, my wife and I were out running errands. Some obviously were more urgent than others so we set our priorities on what we could get done...

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By Technology Alone

By   |  October 19, 2015

There was a great article in the October 7 issue of the Ashland (OH) Times-Gazette that told of the steep learning curve of driving new vehicles with all their safety features; that new car...

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Right Path

By   |  October 5, 2015

One of our favorite things to do in summer and fall is go camping on the Mohican River. Since Monday is my day off, we normally leave Sunday after church and are arriving...

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ABC's of Life

By   |  August 24, 2015

In American Profile the other day, there was an article about the ABCs of back to school. The list covered a wide variety of subjects that parents need to be considering as they...

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Here Comes the Son

By   |  May 11, 2015

Wow, what a week! It is hard to believe but it feels like summer is finally here. (If you happened to miss spring this year, it happened a few weeks ago for about...

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Hide and Seek

By   |  May 4, 2015

I have a friend who posted on Facebook a short video of her two kids playing peek-a-boo. It is the sweetest thing. There is something about playing peek-a-boo with little...

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Your Move

By   |  February 23, 2015

In a recent Reader's Digest Great advice. How many times do we live in a grumpy state of mind simply because we think the world owes us?

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Let It Go

By   |  January 19, 2015

Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere, no doubt you have heard the song Let It Go, sung by the lead character...

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